#1 Best Beaches of Costa Rice by Lonely Planet 2011

Casa Namasol

is located in the small fishing village of Manzanillo, wedged in a wildlife refuge in between the sea and the jungle. Manzanillo’s beach is several kilometer long and stretches alongside the jungle itself. Casa Namasol offers 4 cozy rooms with a private bath and an open area kitchen on each floor. Also we offer various tours like Jungle hikes, Indian reserve-Waterfall tour, Bird watching tour, Gandoca Lagoon Kayak tour, Leatherback nesting tour, Dolphin tour, Snorkeling and much more. There are both primary and secondary forests with multiple paths to the scenic Punta Mona (monkey point) or to Gandoca Lagoon, where the sea cows flourish.

Between Punta Mona and the Lagoon the largest sea turtles in the world , the Leatherback, lay their eggs. Further from the coastline approaching the border of Panama the water is inhabited by three different kinds of dolphins and nearby there is an offshore coral reef, where you can enjoy snorkeling.

Here in the Caribbean village of Manzanillo, you can relax underneath the coconut palms, enjoy the conversation and watch the local children play. Volleyball and football (soccer) games are ongoing on the beachfront. A restaurant, a bar and several sodas are just steps away and offer a variety of native and standard dishes and cocktails.

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