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Jungle hike through the Manzanillo – Gandoca Wildlife Refuge

This is a tour where you will gain a lot of knowledge about the rainforest and the things that comprise the forest such as the animals, trees, plants, birds etc. The hike is inside a secondary and primary forest where you will see different kinds of fascinating jungle critters like monkeys, sloths, frogs, snakes, toucans, butterflies, iguanas, spiders and more. You will see the diversity among the trees such as the mountain almonds, rubber trees, the spiked sandbox trees, just to name a few. There are big monkey ladders that connect the trees in the canopy which house lots of epiphytes like orchids, bromilias, and philodendrons. You will see where the cacao plantations were along with the coconut palms which were the main means of survival and income in the past for both the Indians and the Afro Caribbean’s.

What to bring on the tour: Boots, hiking or tennis shoes, long pants, repellent, water, a snack, rain jacket, binoculars, camera

Duration: be prepared for a 4 – 5 hour hike.

Price: $40 pp

Bird Watching tour

On this tour you will see many different kinds of tropical birds which exist only in this area. Visitors are surprised about how many birds one can spot in a very small area. In this part of the county there are about 400 different species of birds including tucans, hummingbirds, raptors, owls, tanagers, parrots etc. On the tour we try to recognize the birds by their sounds. You will learn about their different habitats and nutritional needs. From Oct-March you have different migrate birds. The guide will show you the birds in a book and you can make a list of the birds that you see.

What to bring on the tour: Boots, hiking or tennis shoes, long pants, repellent, water, rain jacket, binoculars, camera, bird book (optional), paper and pen (optional).

Duration: We take 3 1/2 to 4 1/2hours. The best time is early in the morning about 5:30 am.

Price: 50$ pp

Gandoca Lagoon Kayak Tour

Gandoca is a small village close to the borderline between Costa Rica and Panama where a beautiful lagoon filled with never ending life presides. Here, the mangroves, cativos and the important raffia palm, a vital food source for animals like the monkeys, sloths, iguanas, toucans, caimans, snakes, harens, the sweet water turtle ect. Getting to the lagoon involves a boat trip from Manzanillo and a short stop in Punta Mona to pick up the kayaks. On the way to the lagoon there is a chance of seeing a variety of dolphins. In the lagoon, there will be a 3 km. exploration of its channels by kayak. You will be with a professional guide who will point out all the animals and wildlife that you would never discover on your own.

What to bring on the tour: sun block, hat, rain jacket, camera, bathing suit, repellent, water and a snack.

Duration: The tour is 4 1/2 to 5 hours.

Price: $95 pp

See the Leatherbacks (biggest see turtle on earth) nesting

This is a night tour either via boat from Manzanillo or via rental car / taxi to Punta Mona where the turtle nesting site is located. It’s a night tour and dark clothing is necessary. The female Leatherback turtles, the largest sea turtles in the world – up to 2 meters long – come from far distances in order to lay their eggs on the same beach where they were born. Their main food source is jellyfish which she dives down to 1200 feet to find.

What to bring on the tour: Dark clothing, long pants, sweater, rain jacket, water and snack.

Price: $50 pp plus the transportation

Snorkeling tours from the beach or by boat

Manzanillo’s reef lies just a couple of meters from the shore and extends a long distance. You can snorkel here to see a variety of corals such as brain coral, elk horn coral, lettuce coral, sea fans and more as well as a wide variety of tropical fish including the blue tangs, parrotfish. In little caves you can find lobsters.

What to bring on the tour: bathing suit, sun block, hat, camera.

Price: from the beach, with guide $30 pp ; from the boat $45 pp

Dolphin tour

There are three different kinds of dolphins here: the really common one, the bottlenose, is found in many places in the world. Then we have the Tuxuci a small dolphin that likes the sweet and salt-water mix found only from the lake in Nicaragua down all the way to the Amazon. Both species like to mingle together and are found most of the time close to the Panamanian border. The third type of dolphin found here is the Atlantic spotted dolphin which swims far out in the Atlantic ocean. When the dolphins are spotted, the captain shuts the motor down and waits, when sometimes they come close but we don’t want to disturb them, menacingly. The beautiful green coastline with sandy, isolated beaches and outstanding green covered rocks are in full view during this tour.

What to bring on the tour: bathing suit, sun block, hat, camera.

Price: $50 pp

Indian Reserve Tour

First we visit Tsiru the cacao house in Talamanca made by the local indigenous people and see how they make chocolate and cocoa butter by authentic Bri bri rituals. Assorted flavored chocolates, cocoa butter, coconut oil, banana vinegar, noni juice, and indigenous handcrafts are available for sale here. You will also learn about the history of these people. Next, we will go to Volio and take a little hike to a waterfall where we can swim. Finally, we will visit Rancho Grande, a small indigenous community to meet the esteemed elder of these people.

What to bring on the tour: hiking or tennis shoes, rain jacket, camera, bathing suit, repellent, water and a snack.

Price: $70 pp


We will bring you to the jungle of Gandoca-Manzanillo wildlife refuge. It is a beautiful primary rainforest which you will experience by walking along the small river and then following Indian trail. It takes about 30 min walking to come to the tree which holds the Observatorio suspended 25 meters from the ground. Fully equipped and after a short climbing lesson yu will start your ascent. Climb will give you a nice workout but the view gets better by every meter you make. At the Observatorio, which has 60m2 and two levels (biggest suspended platform in the world) you will enjoy astonishing views of the Caribbean ocean and the nature around. After that, the tour continues with a hike through the jungle where you will see, hear and smell the wildnerness. After all, we will arrive to a rustic jungle house, take out your boots and enjoy some some fruits and views of the jungle, nature around and jungle. Nicely built Indian steps will bring us back to the starting point, on the way back to your hotel to take a nice shower!

What to bring on the tour: Boots, long pants, repellent, binoculars, camera.

Departure: 8:00 am at your hotel

Duration: 5 hours approx.

Price: $65 pp includes transportation, fruits and beverages, equipment

The Jaguar Animal Rescue Center

The Jaguar animal Rescue center is a center to rehabilitate mistreated, injured or stolen animals which are then reintroduced to their natural habitat in protected areas. They have different animals monkeys, sloths, wild cats, raccoons, venomous snakes. The guide is going to explain about the habits from the animals and also you can have direct contact with some of the animals.

What to bring on the tour: Hiking or tennis shoes , rain jacket, sun block, camera, water and a snack.

Price: $50 pp transportation entrance and guide

Snorkeling in Cahuita National Park

You get pick up at 8.30am and depart towards the village of Cahuita.There we meet a captain and a guide who will take you by boat to the coral reef where are you going to snorkel for 2 hours in 2 different points of the national park. After that we will go back to the beach to have a rest, and where they will give you some drinks and fruits before starting the walk through the national park. In this guided hike, which last about 1 ½ hours, you will be able to see the different animals and vegetation which is unique to this area. At the end of the hike, the car will take you back to the hotel.

What to bring on the tour: bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and water.

Price: $65 pp


Tortugero comes from the Spanish word Tortuga and means turtle. Access to this area is either by boat or plane. The boat trip from Moin is beautiful the canals are full of life and bring you after 3- 4 hours to the village of Tortugero. You can see here different turtles that come to nest here like the green turtle, caret turtle, and leatherback turtle. During the nesting season you can make a tour to see the turtles depositing their eggs.. An unforgettable adventure is the Canoe tour where you can go into the small channels without bothering the animals . The guide paddles through the narrow channels spotting animals which can be very close by. We can organize different packages with pick up, transportation on the boat, hotel and tours.

Price: from $125 to $295 pp

Guided hiking tour to Punta Mona

This is a mix tour because you will see the beauty of the rainforest and the virgin coastline. The guide will help you spotting really exotic animals what a rare to find in next places in the world. But they are endemics here in this area of always-green tropical humid rainforest. It will take us about 4-5 hours to get to Punta Mona on the way you will get to know more about the history of the village, culture, costumes, traditions and many different medical plants like Bitter wood, lemongrass, noni, mint, jackass bitters, life everlasting, cinnamon etc. The guide will help you to spot animals like monkys, snakes, slots, lizards, iguans and also a lot of different insects for example butter flays, spiders, beetels, ants etc. When you arrive Punta Mona there are 2 ways to get back walking a next 3 hours back or you can get back buy boat.

What to bring on the tour: Boots, hiking or tennis shoes, long pants, repellent, water, a snack, rain jacket, binoculars, : bathing suit, sun block, hat and camera.


Punta Mona full day hike to go and come back 6-7 hours $60 pp

Punta Mona hike and get back to Manzanillo by boat 4-5 hours $70 pp

Punta Mona hike and on back by boat combinatet with Dolphin tour $85 pp


We can help you to organize many more tours like: canopy tour, Horseback riding, Tours to Bocas del Toro, etc.


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